WE NEED YOUR HELP! We are offering you an opportunity to be a part of the Kleinn Beta Test Team for the new bolt-on train horn kit we’re developing.

This is a direct fit, 100% bolt-on kit that includes the horns, air compressor, air tank, all required fittings and hardware, AND a set of brackets that allows all the components to be mounted on your truck no cutting, drilling, welding or any other modifications.   And it’s REALLY loud.  All you’ll need for installation is basic hand tools. 
We’ve completed all the engineering and have test fit the kit ourselves, but before we release it to the public, we need to make sure it fits correctly on ALL variations.       

2019–2020 CADILLAC ESV
2019–2020 CHEVROLET 1500 TAHOE
2019–2020 GMC 1500 YUKON
2019–2020 GMC 1500 YUKON XL
Here’s where you come in.   We need Beta Testers for each model variation.  We’re also looking for people of varying skill levels – pro mechanics to back yard wrench turners.  Beta Testers will receive cash rebates of up to 40% of the cost of the kit, based on specific information we need to confirm correct fitment, collect photos and videos, and get feedback on the instructions/technical manual.  
This is not an offer for a free horn kit.   Beta Testers purchase their kits, then get a partial refund of up to 40% based on a list of specific things we need that will provided to you prior to you making a final commitment. 
Selection will be determined by which variation of the truck you have and by your stated skill level.   We need a good mix!  
Kleinn is the world’s only manufacturer that engineers and builds a full line of Direct Fit train horn and onboard air systems. No cutting or welding is needed for installation, and we pride ourselves on our detailed, easy to follow instructions for a pain-free installation.

Kleinn – Engineered To Blow You Away
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